Live Monthly Unbox Coffee Break

Unbox Coffee Break

A series of live monthly discussions over Zoom, where we discuss life and I help you and support you by answering your questions. I hope this will be sustainable support for you and your life!

In the past few months, it became clear to me that we are going through ‘global’ trends that are affecting each of us in a personal way. Each month, there is one issue of another to deal with. Do you know what you are going through, why, and how to cope?

Unbox Coffee Break: First Monday of every Month

During each Unbox Coffee Break, we will discuss the theme of collective changes that we are going through, how they are affecting us, how to cope; and what signs to look for. So, are you ready to live your best life? I can help cope and learn how to live your best life. Join my email list, or check links in bio to signup.

watch previous  Unbox Coffee Breaks in English, or Arabic.

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Monday 4th October
8:00 pm GST, 4:00 pm GMT.

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