Tarot For Self-Transformation Your Journey To Happiness Mapped Out, By Sahar Huneidi Palmer

Tarot for self-transformation is about your self-transformation and the wisdom that lies beneath our difficulties and life experiences. Seeing your own life journey mirrored in The Fool’s, colourful imagery, and understanding symbols and numerology will help you to reflect on your own life journey in a deeper way that triggers your intuition. You will be able to guide yourself whenever necessary. The following is an extract from recently published book.

The Fool’s Journey From Zero To Hero

The Tarot is one of the most popular and complex systems of divination used today. Hidden within its images and symbols is centuries old knowledge of ancient philosophers of Classical Greece; the mystics who influenced the teachings of 14th century clergy who departed from the beliefs of the state church to find spiritual understanding. Although their studies were conducted in secret, their ideas nevertheless influenced latter day scholars who founded the Western Esoteric Schools of Enlightenment. By the 18th century, The Tarot was thought of as a tool to preserve and express this secret, or sacred, knowledge – the path to self-awareness and enlightenment told through the journey of The Fool.

The Fool, the first of the Tarot cards (which carries number zero), attained wisdom through the trials and tribulations of life. On his journey, The Fool awakens and matures. We see him at the end of the journey transformed, standing tall in The World (the last card of this transformative journey), having attained mastery of the mystical knowledge.

The Past

Despite its controversial past, the Tarot we know today started its journey in the 9th century in China as playing cards for trick games. Along the way each culture and civilisation added to arrangement of the deck; before it was established as a divination tool about 500 years ago (more on that in the following section). This book focuses on using the Tarot as a self-help tool for insights and guidance that will help you live a better life and deepen your understanding of how to transform your life.

To illustrate this transformative journey of The Fool, we have chosen the Rider-Waite-Smith deck because of its rich imagery, and symbolism that includes numbers, characters, astrology as well as events making it an ideal deck for the beginner as well as the seasoned reader. Since its creation, the Rider-Waite-Smith deck became one of the most popular Tarot decks and a template for other modern Tarot decks.

The Tarot Deck

A standard Tarot deck is comprised of 78 cards divided into two groups: the first group is comprised of 22 major cards, or the major arcana. They are numbered from zero to 21 and reflect major or important life changes, milestones, lessons or events, and people.

The second group is comprised of 56 minor cards, or minor arcana,. The latter, gives more detailed information, description and sometimes timings as well as day-to-day-events. The minor cards are arranged into 4 suits – swords, pentacles, wands, and cups. Each suit has a ruling element and correspond to a specific aspect: Swords represent air and have to do with intellect and decisions. Pentacles represent earth, money and achievement. Wands represent fire and action. Cups represent water and emotions.

The Minor Cards

Minor cards are also numbered from ace to 10, in addition to four court cards in each suit, which are King, Queen, Knight and Page. Court cards represent a person, reflecting their characteristics, age, status, abilities, traits and state of mind. You will notice a great similarity between the usual deck of playing cards and minor cards of the Tarot.

Cards carrying a picture of a person in the Tarot can represent you, people in your life, or a person you are reading for. The enquirer refers to the person who is consulting the Tarot cards, or the person you might be consulting the cards on their behalf. More details on the minor cards are provided in the section about “What Makes A Good Reading”.

Tarot And Intuition

The rich imagery on the Tarot cards help trigger or activate your intuition and imagination as you gaze upon them. Each card has its own meaning, as well as a contextual meaning, according to its position in a spread. More details on the individual meaning of each card and spread will be described later on in this book.

As you connect with the cards, the symbols and illustration on each card will help your mind to unravel, think out of the box, and receive guidance. When the cards are laid out in a spread, they appear to tell a story which helps to give deeper insights into any situation you enquire about. If you like, the Tarot can help you “see” aspects around a situation that you are not clear about. They provide an opportunity to step back and perceive a situation from a different angle.

Creative Visual Process

learning about self-awareness through the Tarot, is a creative visual process. It is not only fun, but also helps to enhance your imagination, or intuition, and your ability to develop a different perspective by developing your personal awareness. They can also help you understand what your life purpose is, and how to find it as you will discover later in the section on numerology and “Building Your Personal Profile”

By uncovering the symbology, mythology, numerology, the meaning of each card, and its interpretation, in combination of other cards and in the context of where it falls in a spread; you will have a meta-resource of information that will tickle your mind. You will become aware of the blocks and the patterns that need to be changed to bring about improvements in your life. The Tarot is truly a personal guidance and development tool.


Moreover, you will also learn more about yourself, and why you create what attract in your life; your strengths and weakness, as well as what your date birth represents – your soul’s purpose. Understanding numerology provides you with insights to capitalise on and express your innate abilities and essence – who you truly are as consciousness or energy. Learning how all different aspects are interconnected, gives you the ability to rise up to and meet the various challenges you encounter. Along your journey, you become buoyant, bounce back quickly, and continue to fulfil your life’s purpose.

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