Holistic Life Mentoring

Holistic Life Mentoring is about supporting you to maintain and build on the level of awareness that you have achieved. Sustaining your growth means you will never have to dip down again and stay stuck. In other words, you will become resilient.

Often, we seek the right solution for the wrong problem. We end up dressing the wound but not infecting it or arriving at the root cause of our struggle. Life is cause and effect- interactive if you like. Are you aware that you are a creative consciousness? Do you have the skills to create the life you want, which leads to feeling happy and fulfilled? Unbox your potential.

Life Struggles

We label difficult times as struggles when they are an opportunity to pay attention to what we need to address, where we are out of alignment to resolve these issues. This ‘struggle’ path leads us to happiness and fulfilment when we accept that our life is a consequence of how we operate. Enter self-awareness.


You will learn that nothing that happens to you in life is personal:

*  Beliefs attract experiences.

*  Beliefs are formed by repeated past emotional experiences or traumas.

*  Actions are dictated by the belief system.

*   An unresolved issue will attract opportunities to heal it.

Unbox Coffee Break on Club House

The Celebrate with Me Unbox Group were so successful. I enjoyed being with my clients, discussing various issues and guiding them to their next step. So much so that I was inspired to keep this going.

Starting November 5th 2022, we will meet once a month in Club House over Unbox Coffee Break. Please find me on Club House and join my room so you can be notified of our meetings.

It is an informal chat for 60 minutes. Bring your issues, dreams, or questions and let’s keep Unboxing a better life fulfilling your potential. Here is the link:


See you soon,



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Find me on Clubhouse & Join monthly Unbox Coffee Break.