Why do we struggle in Life? We struggle and experience a lack of clarity and blockages in various areas of our lives because we each have specific personal goals to achieve talents to express, and life paths to follow. The way we deal with life is also specific to each of us. We each have a life-path and personal goals (or purpose) to fulfil. On this path, we attract certain experiences required for our growth in order to reach our fullest potential. 

We label them as struggles, when they are an opportunity to notice areas we need to address, where we are out of alignment; and resolve these issues. This ‘struggle’ path leads us to happiness and fulfilment when we accept that our life is a consequence of how we operate. Enter self-awareness. 

You will learn that nothing that happens to you in life is personal: 

  • Beliefs attract experiences. 
  • Beliefs are formed by repeated past emotional experiences, or traumas. 
  • Actions are dictated by the belief system. 
  • An unresolved issue will attract an opportunity to heal it. 

That is the process of life. If you carry a negative charge, you will attract so-called negative experiences- and struggle. 

Are You Out of Alignment?

When you can easily express the true essence of your personality, every area of your life flows easily. But when you are blocked, all aspects of your life are impacted. Consequently, you may suffer physically, emotionally, or mentally because all these aspects are interlinked. None exist independently of the other.

Being in alignment means discovering the essence of your being and the deepest values by which you live. You connect to your inner intelligence and inner senses. You use your creative power to imagine and visualise, and you identify with something greater than material concerns. People often embark on a growth path, devoting time to values that bring them closer to their true essence. Are you aware of what your core values are? 

What Unbox Mentoring IS About

The goal of Unbox mentoring is to allow your essence to emerge. It enables you to be guided by the infinite creative intelligence to fulfil your life. As a mentor, I help bring awareness to your patterns and operating dynamic and bring your whole being together so that you have the energy to ‘manifest’, design and fulfil your goals. My approach is holistic, bringing the four main aspects of being human into alignment. The four aspects are your physical body, emotions, mind, and actions. 

The most important thing you can do for your overall well-being is to become aware of how we operate as humans, the dynamic that makes things happen in our lives, and how to heal past experiences. 

Way Unbox Mentoring Works

Having gone through very traumatic events in my personal life, I was grateful each time to find myself in a place where I was ‘pushed’ out of my comfort zone to continue expanding and growing. Unboxing became the mechanic and the process for a graceful way of living. 

Today having worked with thousands of clients over thirty years, armed with seven modalities, I have learned a few things about how we operate, how we get boxed and blocked, and how to break free from the chains that hold us back. 

I can help you 

  • Find direction 
  • Unbox your fears and limitations, 
  • connect with the life that belongs to you so you can 
  • get out of your way and 
  • get you back on track quickly and 
  • Unbox your fullest potential
  • Stay in alignment

Who is Unbox Personal Mentoring For?

Unbox holistic mentoring is for you if:

  • You have a feeling that something is holding you back 
  • You do not know why you are stuck
  • You are wondering if there is more to life than where you are right now
  • You feel unfulfilled and don’t know how to move forward

 You will learn how to:

  • Begin the process of Unboxing the real you.
  • Become clear and take the precise steps to take to improve your personal life
  • Practice the right tools to support you in moving forward
  • Begin planning your new life with grace, ease and joy.

The Unbox is the Acronym

U    Uncover your strengths, weaknesses & challenges.

N    Neutralise disturbances in your life.

B    Build your next platform

O    Overcome your limitations

X    Marks the weak spot

E    Expect Miracles!

D    Design your real life.

 Are you ready to break free from the chains that hold you back? Are you ready to live a fulfilled life?
Then take the Unbox online assessment and get in touch!

My name is Sahar Palmer, I am online Life mentor, holistic therapist, healer & professional intuitive since 1992. I specialise in identifying client’s blockages quickly & realigning them with their goals & purpose my unique tried & tested Unbox The Real You™️ mentoring program. I am an author of five books, and columnist, moved to Dubai from England, about 10 years ago. 

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