There is a reason why we struggle and experience a lack of clarity or blockages in various areas of our lives. This is natural and is part of life. The struggle is part of life because we exist within a family or a community and never really entirely on our own. Our actions will affect others. And the actions of others will affect us, directly or indirectly.

Creating Our Lives

Moreover, as individuals, we each have our own aspirations and personal goals to fulfil. In achieving these goals and creating the life we yearn for, we hope to be happy and satisfied with our achievements. 

I would recommend Sahar to anyone looking for a genuine and passionate life mentor & coach. Haifa Addas – CEO and founder of

However, since we do not exist in isolation, we are effectively co-authoring our lives with others who may not share the same values. Our expectations are different, and therefore our efforts or actions will clash! We feel demoralised, our expectations are met, and it throws us out of alignment with our life path.

Feeling Stuck

Furthermore, as human beings, we have a complex makeup, what I refer to as Human Technology. When you watch the free monthly webinar self-awareness webinars: Uncover Your Hidden Gifts and Live Your Best Life, which I started earlier this year with my colleague, Nathalie Khalaf, you will understand what this makeup is. Within your makeup are the hidden gifts with which you can unblock yourself – at any time.

So, when you aligned with your life path, every area of your life flows easily. But when you are not in alignment, every area of your life also becomes limited and constrained. If this situation continues for a while, it begins to filter through to your physical life. This means you may suffer physically, emotionally, mentally; or find yourself unable to take any action to move forward. 

By being yourself, you put something wonderful in the world ???? that was not there before ???? 

Your emotional responses

If you want to unblock your struggle and feel stuck, you need to consider and bring all aspects of yourself into alignment. If you focus on one area or dimension, this will not free you. You will block yourself again, and this partly why experiences keep repeating themselves.

This is because all of our human aspects, which I refer to in Unbox Life Mentoring, The Four Dimensions of Change, and interlinked. They interact with each other – all the time, as you respond to events and changes in your life.

The first aspect or dimension is your physical body, which holds the memory of all your emotional responses and experiences. And then there are your emotions which are governed by your hormones which form your belief system. 

Whether it was serendipity or like-mindedness that got us together with the Sahar, I know it was the best thing we ever did. Cyba Audi – CEO & Founder of Saba Communication Consultants

Your emotional responses and the wisdom you gain from your experiences together formulate your self-growth blueprint. They also enforce your belief system, particularly when experiences repeat themselves. Consequently, you respond or act according to the belief system you formed based on the emotional response to your experiences.

Without Your Awareness Nothing Changes

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate. – Carl Yung

It took me over 27 years of experience as a life-path guide and intuitive to simplify the complexity of what it is to be human, how our emotional response to events outside ourselves affects every aspect of who we are, and therefore the quality of life we experience. 

Unbox Life Mentoring breaks down this complexity into a simple self-growth formula, which is the product of four elements. Together, they form The Pyramid of Personal Awareness because without your awareness, how can you spot what needs to change?                 

I refer to these four elements as The Four Dimensions of Change, or BEMA: Body, Mind, Emotions, and (accountability to) Actions.

Sahar Huneidi is a rare find, a jewel amongst pebbles. She is an extraordinary mentor & Spiritual DIY Expert. She has in her heart a gift that helps to empathize, calibrate, and heal her clients as they cease to stagger and begin to walk their rightful destiny. Stewart Pearce – Author, Master of Voice & Sound Alchemist

Each of the four elements of being human has its own dynamic. And they are all interconnected. Each dimension shapes the other. The constant interplay between them shapes your life and allows for the degree of joy and happiness you experience. When they are aligned, life flows. When one or more aspect is over prominent, you will block. If the struggle continues for a while, you will begin to suffer.  

When You Are In The Flow

You are in the flow and in alignment when you are aware of:

  • Your Core Values. These are the deepest values by which you live.
  • Your Authentic Self, beyond societal definition, something more than the material world.
  • Your inner intelligence, and remain deeply connected with it, what I refer to as your Guiding Star; so, your four aspects never swing or wobble to an extreme. In other words, when you are in the flow, your four aspects are aligned. You begin to unbox infinite possibilities for yourself and create your life by design.

You are not a product of your circumstances, you are a product of your decisions. Sahar

Having gone through very traumatic events in my personal life, I was grateful each time to find myself in a place where I was pushed out of my comfort zone to continue expanding and growing. Unboxing became the mechanic and the process for a graceful way of living. 

Today, having worked with thousands of clients over the past three decades, I have learned a few things about how people operate, why they stay boxed and how they get out of alignment. 

I Can help you!

If you have a feeling that something is holding you back and you are unclear of what it is if you are wondering if there is more to life than where you are right now; then you are out of alignment and, it is my job to bring you back on track with your life. 

I can help you end your struggle and:

  • Find direction 
  • Unbox your fears and limitations, 
  • Connect with the life that belongs to you so you can 
  • Get out of your way and 
  • Get you back on track quickly and 
  • Unbox your fullest potential!

So, are you ready to be freed from your struggle?

UNBOX mentoring program is an acronym for

U    Uncover your strengths, weaknesses & challenges.
N    Neutralise disturbances in your life.
B    Build your next platform
O    Overcome your limitations
X    Identify your weak spot

So, if you lack clarity on how to move forwards, unblock, and end the struggle, this is the perfect opportunity to jumpstart and uncover the life that is waiting for you.

I had a beautiful zoom chat with Beautiful Sahar Huneidi this morning. I felt that she elevated me from very low to sky-high. She is brilliant and can point her finger immediately on the complicated map, spot where I stood, and guide me on how I could move forward in my life journey. She was honest and very precise. The advice she presented this morning felt like Santa clause being generous to me and arriving early this year. – H. Imam

What is your Intention?

At the beginning of the year, I set my intention to help my clients Unbox! I created a personal mantra, wrote it down and stuck it on my desktop: No more excuses!

I am passionate about getting you unstuck to live your true potential with ease and joy. Please check: 

  • My YouTube channel for webinars and talk on how to unblock and grow your awareness.
  • Unbox life AcademyUnbox The Podcast, since 2005 (with over 180,000 downloads).
  • And, over 90 videos of Unbox Coffee Break and The Unbox Minute on Instagram.

Whatever your circumstances are, you can start now to transform your life. All the above resources are FREE.

Moreover, I will be starting a live group Unbox Mentoring soon to help clients who are overcoming their financial challenge – this has been a very difficult year! I am limiting the number of attendants to offer value and personal attention. If you are interested, please join my email list and tick “group coaching membership” to send you more details. 


Sahar is extremely knowledgeable in teaching the connections between mind, body and spirit and has spent many years in these fields teaching and mentoring the fortunate recipients of her wisdom. Thank you, Sahar. Merryn Jose – Editor/Publisher at Merlian News LLC

 Unbox Group Mentoring

*1st Session: The First Dimension of Change The Body

Your body is your vehicle to realising your life goals. Without it, you are not here! learn how your body can point out what you need to work through and bring it back to life.

2nd Session: The Second Dimension of Change – Emotions

Are you feeling an emotion or thinking it? The difference between feelings and emotions, and what emotions punctuate your life story

3rd Session: The Third Dimension of Change – Mind

Thoughts, words, beliefs & how they shape your life.

4th Session: The Fourth Dimension of Change – Accountability to Actions. Going Forward: Aligning yourself with your life path. Who’s Responsible for what you create in your life? Accountability is empowering. It is about making a shift from a “victim” mentality into a “powerful creator”.

You will learn how to:
  • Begin the process of Unboxing the real you.
  • Become clear on the right steps to take to improve your personal life and end the struggle.
  • Practice the right tools to support you in moving forward
  • Begin planning your new life with ease and joy.

 If you are ready to make a change in your life, Sahar is the perfect person because she gets you excited about your progress, and you experience so much joy that you want to never ever give up on yourself. You also feel you don’t want to let her down because she is so committed with all her heart to help you see the change in yourself. And that genuine care is so rare these days. She helps you tap into your own power to make the change. The results are so rewarding- Lena. L

 I promise you to unblock at least one of your issues during our time together. I know that we will grow together. Is it not time for you to take charge of your life? Together, life can only get better.


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