Transform your life by using The Four Dimensions of Change

The Four Dimensions of Change are the foundation, or the four pillars, of my unique, tried and tested self-transformation process. which I call Unboxing. It forms a system that helps the real you to emerge, and become aware of your authentic identity, or True Self. True Self is defined as maintaining alignment of heart, mind and, accountability to any undertaken actions or decisions in life.

The beauty of Unbox is that you can use The Four Dimensions of Change helps you to Unbox The Real You™ anytime, no matter at what stage of life or personal awareness, you are at. We are always growing and evolving, which means that you can restart your life at any time!

Moreover, Unboxing is a unique holistic approach to positive self-transformation because it encapsulates my knowledge, experience and all Modalities that I have learnt. It starts off with self-awareness, by focusing on the Four Dimensions of Changes, which are the fundamental aspects of who you are. This deeper connection allows the authentic self, the REAL SELF, to emerge, and results in you living with ease, harmony and joy.


The mechanics of Unboxing are also The Four Dimensions of Change identified as BEMA: Body, Emotions, Mind and Accountability to Actions.

As you become more aware of these aspects that make up your being, you will begin to be in charge or in command of  The Four Dimensions of Change. Therefore, this is the key to enable you to align with your life path and recognise your authentic identity. In a world that is forever changing, accessing our authentic self becomes the crucible that can dissolve our fear of change. And, it gives hope to the dreams we aspire to and allows us to live with ease, peace and joy.

The Mechanism of Unboxing

Another great aspect of Unbox is that the process of unboxing is also the mechanics of Unboxing! As you learn to Unbox, you will begin to experience how The Four Dimensions of Change are actually a mechanism that is always interacting within us to induce changes. These changes can either produce greater chaos and pain where life seems to be discordant, out of control and, where we perceive ourselves to be “victims”; or create harmony. When we are in alignment, life naturally becomes more enjoyable, or harmonious.

Unbox The Real You with Sahar & Live with Ease, Harmony and Joy

Unboxing through working with the Four Dimensions of Change becomes a process effecting positive changes in your life. You will start to perceive your life as interactive game that can be mindfully directed and feel self-empowered!

Feel Empowered

As a result, the false-self, concepts, and beliefs that have been creating conflict and pain in your life, begin to disappear. Gradually, whatever is holding you back and distracting you from fulfilling your fullest potential is discarded. Thus, The Real You emerges as an active, empowered, resilient participant of the life you are meant to live.

In Unboxing, you become the master of your destiny.

© Sahar Huneidi-Palmer