10 Tips to Help You Discover Your Life’s Purpose

“Life is ours to be spent, not to be saved” D.H. Lawrence

What helped me uncover my life purpose is. this ritual. When I reach significant anniversaries, such as New Year’s or my birthday, I usually ask myself two questions: ‘what was last year about?’ and ‘What do I hope will happen in the next 12 months?’

I write the answers on a piece of paper, and then I write myself a letter outlining my goals for the coming year. I then sign and date the letter, reaffirming my commitment to those goals, and bury it beneath a plant or a favourite crystal for another year. After that, I eagerly open the letter from last year.

Try This Exercise

I began this ritual about 25 years ago, when I felt unsatisfied with my life. Reviewing those letters assisted me in identifying a theme and recognising a few recurring issues. Those frequent ‘poppers’ gave me hints as to what I truly desired, what I subconsciously gravitated towards hinting at what eventually turned out to be my life purpose!

Poppers ranged from names of friends I’d asked to stay in my life to discovering new creative talents and wanting to devote time to developing them. I realised I needed hobbies to keep me interested in things other than my job. I even described how I imagined my daily life to be, including living in a house where I could walk around barefoot on a solid oak floor!

Answers Unfolding

I realised that the same people, activities, books, cultures, and ancient civilisations that had piqued my interest had also given me clues to past lives (and past issues), and had helped me construct a picture of my soul’s journey and life purpose. The excitement of putting the puzzle pieces together helped fuel my determination to overcome obstacles along the way. Moving from one clue to the next helped to focus my understanding of this lifetime.

Extreme excitement, joy, or fear frequently point to issues that need to be explored and help uncover an important part of your life’s purpose.  If it appears that you are not receiving any clues, it is possible that your ego is ‘protecting’ you on an unconscious level rather than that you are not meant to pursue that path.

Your Life, Your Movie

So, your life’s journey may appear to be a never-ending movie in which, as the plot unfolds, clues are provided at the appropriate time when you are ready to deal with such information. The hints can be overt at times, and subtle at others, but your instincts will gradually guide you and help you uncover your life purpose.

Identifying Your Beliefs

Consciously working on your belief systems will aid in the dissolution of ego-based boundaries over time. So, be patient, pay attention to how you feel, what you enjoy or yearn for, confront and change any limiting beliefs, and you will discover that this is your life’s purpose unfolding.

Like the alchemist in Paul Coelho’s novel, you may discover that the personal treasure you seek has always been right beneath your feet! Apart from the wooden oak floor, I am pleased to report that over the years most of the ‘poppers’ that truly mattered were crossed off my lists!

A Step-by-Step Guide to Discovering Your Life Purpose

Find a quiet place, and take a few deep breaths. Then, write down your responses to the following questions. Just jot down the first thought that crosses your mind:

  1. What is the one thing that you would change about your life today if you could?
  2. Whose company do you truly enjoy and want to cultivate?
  3. What interests do you still want to pursue?
  4. What’s holding you back (the payoff you must resolve)?
  5. When you first wake up, are you happy and excited?
  6. If not, why not?
  7. What kind of job would you prefer if you could change jobs?
  8. What steps must you take to bring about this change?
  9. What are you putting up with (tolerating) in your life?
  10. What do you need to do to free yourself of them?


Write down the answers to these questions, as well as any others that come to your mind, Sign and date your letter.

Your signature is your promise and commitment, bringing to life what your heart desires.

That is your Life’s Purpose. To Unbox your potential, and live the best life possible.

© Sahar Huneidi Palmer

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