A Mini Reading is a way of coping with the unexpected. When I first started working as a professional psychic thirty years ago, I was known as Psychic Sahar. I described my services on my website, psychicsahar.com. In response to my client’s needs, I coined the phrase “mini reading” back then. Moreover, my clients needed a brief Tarot reading session to cover a new issue that arose in their life, in between their extended Tarot Life Reading. Things began to manifest, but something new popped up which they were not prepared for. Thus, Mini Reading. They had questions such as “should I buy this house?”, or “should I accept that job offer?”.

So, I provided a specific reading to investigate a specific issue and answer a question about it. Today, the phrase “mini reading” is widely used by therapists all over the world.

What exactly is a mini reading?

Merryn Jose, my former mentor and teacher, taught me to give tarot readings from a Soul perspective. I began a session by telling my clients, “No one knows the future except you, and nothing is written in stone.” This was enough to jolt them awake! I went on to say, “If it’s a fantastic reading but you do nothing, you don’t act on anything; then nothing will happen.” It’d be a fantastic, recorded reading! However, if you follow any given suggestions, which I refer to as your homework, you will gradually align yourself with your path.”

Life Reading, Short Reading and Mini reading

I was overjoyed because my goal has always been to empower my clients by guiding them to be in control of the decisions, they make rather than relying on psychic readings. Instead, Life Readings are best viewed as a long-term outlook, Short Readings as an update when some of their Life Readings have unfolded, and Mini Readings were about specific new issues. Mini Reading, it is there so that you do not stop flowing or moving forward. Get your bearings and get back on track.

Your ‘Homework’

Your homework is about holding yourself accountable for what you need to do. It also affirms and empowers you as a co-author of your your life. See this as appositive empowering ‘list of actions’. You can make a list by listening to your recorded Life Reading, Short Reading or Mini reading. List all the suggestions that come through your session with me.

Furthermore, your homework indicates what you need to do to activate the future you want or to get out of any limiting situation. The goal of any psychic tarot reading is to show you the map of your life. And the homework assists in charting the best path. In a nutshell, the homework helps to chart the best way. use your Mini Reading whenever you feel the need, to stay in the flow, and fine tune your plans.

How to Request a Mini Reading

I offer a Mini Reading to both, new and returning clients. This is because a returning client is familiar with my style of guidance and what to expect. For a new client, a mini reading will provide you with the information you require as well as a taste of what my readings are like. Short half-hour readings, on the other hand, are only available to returning clients.

A short, or update Life Reading is a 30-minute session offered to returning clients only. This is due to the fact that if you are a new client, I do require the full hour to investigate your life path before you have an update session. Please select the service you require by clicking on my shop. When you enter the shop, make sure to select the currency you want to pay with on the far left hand side. The local currency is AED, used by customers who pay with local credit cards. GBP is the currency for all other international clients.

Because a Mini reading is a brief reading about a specific issue, once you place your order, text me your issue and I will respond via WhatsApp voice message. This is the quickest delivery method and allows me to keep up with my workload, which is especially important when I am also writing a new book. Have you checked your favourite online bookstore for my four new books?

My Tarot and Psychic Ability Books

red book cover Your Psychic PowersPlease visit Sahar’s Books page to learn about upcoming books as well as those that have already been released this year. If you live in the UAE and can’t find any of my books on Amazon, please contact me. Try the Book Depository – they ship to the UAE for free. And remember to leave an online review to help spread the word.

Tarot for Self-transformation will show you how to guide and transform your life. To understand the Tarot, The Book of Tarot will be an excellent companion. Psychic Powers will show you how to develop and direct your inner intuition and psychic powers, which you already have. And Create Your Own Flower Tarot Deck is a fantastic way to familiarise yourself with the Tarot and create your own as you learn the meaning of the Tarot. Readers who ordered it have already told me what a meditative creative read it is! Please tell me about your favourite book.

Demystifying The Future

My goal has always been to demystify the concept of knowing “the future.” My personal journey has led me to self-development and, eventually, mentoring. We already know everything we need to know. If something isn’t working out, we need to understand why, figure out how to make it work, and accept responsibility. Trusting something outside of yourself with your future robs you of your own power.

A good psychic uses a medium, such as coffee cup cards or sensing, as a creative intuitive tool to reflect your conscious and subconscious and offer advice on how to merge both – in other words, to become ‘enlightened’ or self-aware. You have complete control over your destiny. This belief inspired my first book, Your Future In A Coffee Cup. It is now out of print, but I hope to republish one day soon. Please check my clients reviews on google and here. I would be grateful if you would post a review too! It may inspire someone to take change of their life.


Delivering Your Mini Reading

Have a wonderful life!

Sahar Huneidi Palmer


Sahar’s Vision

Often, we seek the right solution for the wrong problem. We end up dressing the wound but not infecting it, or arriving at the root cause of our struggle. Life is cause and effect- interactive if you like. Are you aware that your are a creative consciousness? Do you have the skills to create the life you want which leads to feeling happy and fulfilled. Unbox your potential.

We label difficult times as struggles, when they are an opportunity to pay attention to what we need to address, where we are out of alignment; to resolve these issues. This ‘struggle’ path leads us to happiness and fulfilment when we accept that our life is a consequence of how we operate. Enter self-awareness.

You will learn that nothing that happens to you in life is personal:

*   Beliefs attract experiences.

*   Beliefs are formed by repeated past emotional experiences, or traumas.

*   Actions are dictated by the belief system.

*   An unresolved issue will attract an opportunity to heal it.

If you are struggling, do right by yourself, and find out what you can do. Click on my bio and take the online assessment to receive a complimentary consultation session with me.

Let’s talk: https://form.jotform.com/200244939759061

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