Are you looking for love? We all yearn to for it. However, the road map to achieving to a lasting relationship is to be inspired and to learn how to prepare ourselves. So, stop wasting valuable time and energy moping over the past, and preparing yourself to get what you deserve!

Whether you want to attract the right partner, or improve your current relationship; the dynamics of a having a fulfilling long-lasting relationship are the same. 

You Deserve To Be Happy 

To attract a happy and healthy relationship, you need to make yourself happy first. You are the only source of your own happiness. A healthy relationship begins with you. The past can help you understand how things went wrong. If you reflect on your past relationships objectively, you begin to detect your own failed patterns and change them.

Every Relationship Is About You

Every relationship is about you, and NOT about your partner. You are fifty per cent of that partnership. The truth is that it takes two to make a relationship, or to break it!

So, try to spot what went wrong in the past and try to correct your past patterns. More importantly, you need to love and be kind to yourself to attract the same to you. Loving the self includes being non-judgemental towards yourself.

If there is anything you need to do to improve yourself as a human being, as a partner, then do it now. Ask yourself if what attracted your partner in the first place still holds true. Or, have you become dependent on a partner to provide for your emotional happiness too?

Improving Your Current Relationships

Before you decide whether to ditch your current relationship and look for a new one; reflect on your current relationship. A partnership is an entity by itself. It has its own dynamic and its own life. What are you breathing into your relationship? And, have you been in investing in it?

Often, we relax into a relationship and take it for granted, especially when children are born. Our priorities change, and we may neglect our partner while we focus on our offsprings. Additionally, for a partnership to flourish, we need to keep it fresh and exciting.

Individual partners growth and development, separately, are also what makes a relationship thrive. Have you stopped looking after yourself, learning something new? Many partners stop growing as individuals once they have found their mate. And the relationship stops being interesting!

Spotting The Road Blocks 

Before you go into a new relationship, or hope that your current will improve; you need to spot past and current roadblocks that prevent you from having a healthy relationship. My FREE webinar on How To Prepare Yourself And Attract A Lasting Relationship may help you gain new insights into human dynamics.

You will understand common areas where relationships usually go wrong, and what you can do to avoid them by making simple changes that will have a significant impact right away. 

Moreover, when you uncover THE REAL YOU, attracting the right loving relationship, and staying it, will be an easy path.

Taking Responsibility 

In a nutshell, if I can help you develop a clearer understanding of what makes a relationship work, it is by holding yourself accountable. 

Take responsibility for the choices you make, and focus on how you can improve yourself. In turn, your relationship will improve too. Start loving yourself first to attract a harmonious relationship. When you are in a relationship for the right reasons, it will deepen and grow naturally.

More Love Advice For You

That is not all you need to do to find a lasting relationship. In fact, the most important quality to have is an open heart. If your approach to a relationship is a heart-centred one, you would be a loving, tolerant and an inspiring partner! Communicating with your partner will be easy and constructive.

An open heart is one that is healed, and has no hidden agenda! My final advice is to clarify your intentions and your core values before you start any relationship.

Furthermore, to help you develop an open heart, I have produced a 3o-day visualisation using binaural sounds to the frequency of unconditional love. Please join Unbox Academy to listen to Finding Your Mate, and prepare you to attract the right person into your life.

Unbox Life Academy

Unbox Life Academy

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Clients Reviews

I came to know through Facebook that Sahar was running Unbox Love webinars and was curious to find out what is it all about. Let me start by saying that the presentation was delightful. It kept me interested and focussed throughout. The real-life examples Sahar gave, explained and explored emotional patterns of behaviours; were inspirational and gave me a new sense of direction and how to deal with relationships. It made rethink my priorities in life and look forward in a very positive way. Thank you so much, and wish you all the best. ❤️ Buthaina SINJAB, Business Owner – UK

The Love Webinar takes a progressive approach. Sahar draws you to become the observer in your own life, to focus on how you generally are. She asks you to take stock of where you are, what do you value. From this place, you are primed to see the platform upon which you can build either a new relationship or to strengthen an existing one. Sahar enables you to see what areas of your life can be improved upon.

Sahar is a natural builder who believes in establishing this foundation provides you with the stability you seek in your relationships. Her ability and approach bring confidence as you come to understand, and therefore draw to you, what it is you resonate with – without feeling you need to change the other.

Sahar brings practical tools to help you assess your relationship and make simple changes right away. Basically, Sahar calls you to become accountable to yourself and stand in your own power of choice. Sahar prompts you to create your own actions and outcomes, to create or re-write your own story. This assessment process gives you insights into exactly what it is you’re attracting in your relationships. Angela Orriel DELGLYN, Online Coach –

Thoroughly enjoyed watching The Love Webinar by Sahar Huneidi-Palmer. It was an eye-opener, and I have learned so much about growing a healthy mature relationship, what to avoid and how to move forward. Sahar, thank you so much for your webinars they are life-changing, you give it your all, and it’s evident that you are passionate about what you do. You really have left an imprint on peoples’ lives, me being one of them and for that, I am so grateful ❤️ Well done, more power to you! Ibtihal ABU JARAD, Interior Decorator – Founder of Dazzling Designs