What is unbox and How it Can Help You

When you are blocked, you feel stuck, confused, and lack clarity and motivation to move forward. Ask for help if you cannot move forward on your own! So, when you Unbox with me, you would feel that my mentoring is the perfect opportunity for you to jumpstart your new life and Unbox your fullest potential. Unbox mentoring is about getting you back on track with the life that you want to live with ease and joy.

Everyone has a life path, personal goals and a purpose to fulfil, through which they grow, feel happy and bring balance into the lives they create.

When you are in alignment, you would feel that you have a purpose, a life calling, and life flows with ease. When you are out of alignment, your life becomes limited: physically, emotionally and mentally; and you get stuck because you do not know what actions to take to move your life forward. The foundation of Unbox mentoring is to get you back in alignment- and back in the flow of life.

How I Unboxed Myself

Personally, I have gone through various traumatic events in the past. Recently, I lost both my beloved husband and mother, within less than a year. However, I now feel blessed to be in a place where I am creating and expanding across new horizons. I re-branded my business and developed new products to help my clients.

To be fully transparent, my path of growth has not always been easy. I found myself at times being “pushed” out of my comfort zone. I had to acknowledge what my purpose is and follow my passion to support others get clear about their life’s purpose. My life’s work is about helping you find a balance, to live a life with more ease and joy; and for that I am grateful.

For the past three decades, I have supported over 14,000 people to find their life’s purpose, get unstuck and live a more balanced life. My intuition continued to deepen to a level where I no longer need a medium (the tarot cards) to justify or express “my gift”.

Feel Free And Full Of Joy

Moreover, I had to Unbox myself, dissolve every wall which I was unknowingly “hiding” behind and acknowledge that I am an “extraordinary” Unbox personal mentor who has helped clients release their fears, doubts and limitations to Unbox their fullest potential – quickly!

As a result, I found myself falling in love with my life again, by creating the Unbox mentoring, where I have put my 28 years of experience into creating a simple and easy to implement a process which makes sense, tools and exercises which help you gain clarity right away and get back on track quickly. I’d like to guide you through the Unbox process so you can learn it, be able to practice it all your life – and as a result, never get stuck again!”

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