Unbox Your Full Potential: live your best life

Setting an intention will certainly help you achieve your goal. Recently, the trend in the coaching world is to choose a word describing the New Year; and then to repeat it like a mantra until you achieve a positive mindset and manifest your goals. Be it as it may, the word I chose to describe the next decade, not just this year, is UNBOX. However, setting an intention, to me, is more than just a mantra, it’s an intention to guide my actions and keep in alignment with my goals.

How do you identify with yourself?

Over the years, I have come to see patterns of how clients Box themselves. Usually in it is in the way they introduce themselves, “I’m AHDD”, “ADHD”, “OCD”, “Bipolar” “commitment-phobic”, “in therapy”, “borderline personality disorder” or some other fancy condition. Sometimes, I had to look at these conditions up! In fact, when it comes to providing labels, Big Pharma is prolific. So, new labels are created frequently labelling blockages, especially mental conditions, when science tells us there is no gene for mental illness for example. The fact remains, that there is a big market for selling medication, anti-depressants etc and keeping “patients” boxed!

Removing labels that hold you back

When you place a label on yourself,  it unwittingly becomes your false “identity”. This is because you begin to carve your decisions and eventually your life story around it. And, before you know it, you are not living the life that belongs to you, but one where a version of you is playing that boxed role. Now, more than ever before is the time to muster the courage and go after what we desire. This requires us first to weed out whatever is holding us back and let go of it so we can grow to our fullest potential. Why? Because facing our truth will set us free.

Why Now is The Right Time to Unbox The Real You

We are infinite potential! Astrologers are excited about an alignment of planets, one which we have not seen in a few hundred years. In fact, there is so much going on in the heavens above currently: full moon, moon eclipse, planets gathering in one house, etc. However, what does that mean to you and me? Well, we do not exist in isolation, in fact, these changes are part of our evolution as human beings and signify that now is the time to face the truth: we are beings of infinite potential!

How many boxes have you created to limit yourself?

Now is the time to release ourselves from whatever box we unwittingly placed ourselves in. Our boxes may have provided credibility to our circumstances, allowed us to cope, or justified our excuses for not overcoming the constraints that we have placed on ourselves. We did? Yes. Time to awaken and claim our responsibility. Who do you hold accountable for the decisions that you have made (or chose not to make)? Taking responsibility for your decisions is a rewarding exercise and not a terrifying task. If you have placed yourself in a box, only you are able to take yourself out of it! Personally, I love my boxes and my mistakes for they have not only enriched my life but allowed me to also to experience how liberating it is to unbox. Now, it’s your turn – and this is what I can help you.

How to deal with a challenge

Any block or obstacle in life is a challenge. They represent an opportunity for us to grow by going through them so that we can grow because of the limited constraints that they represent. The truth is challenges disrupt our set patterns which no longer serve us. They represent an opportunity to unleash our infinite brilliance – not to confine us in a box which we place a label on and place on a shelf that gradually begins to separate us from the stream and natural flow of life. My point is this: the “labels” we believe in are the very ones we give power to. They serve to prolong our constrained state and give it credibility. Instead, we can work through a challenge, face it, until we overcome it and grow because of it.

Living from the heart will set you free

Life has taught me that “when you find yourself in a hole, stop digging!” Over 57 years, I learnt how to stop digging, climb out of holes and boxes, and remove labels which I wasn’t even aware that I have placed upon myself. And guess what? It is liberating. When you live daily from the heart, you will find that the obstacles in your way begin to dissolve. Why? it is because the heart speaks to another’s heart. No matter how much someone disagrees with you, what you say from the heart will resonate with them. Our heart fields, where unconditional love and infinite abundance reside, are connected. Speaking from the heart is our authentic expression. Our True Self is our real identity, away from the ego, any hidden agendas to manipulate or coerce, or any labels that thwart our self-perception.

Is your life on hold?

Living your truth can upset others who are not deeply aware or have not fully unboxed. In my view, that’s ok – it’s their issue, not yours. When your intention is to elevate and grow, and others around you don’t; you will find that they will soon vanish from your life! The truth is inspiring, well, at least for me. I seek answers and help from friends and colleagues whenever I feel stuck. Usually, I would try to resolve a situation on my own, but  I do not allow myself to get stuck for long – wasting time defeats the purpose of being alive!

Are you assertive or aggressive?

A colleague may speak their truth to me, however, when I am not in the right frame of mind, I may misinterpret what they say or react to it. When I do react, I observe my reaction – it tells me that there is truth in what they said – otherwise I wouldn’t be reacting to it!  So, this is being truthful to yourself. When you do not react, however, you know that this is not your issue but theirs. Sounds simple enough; right? However, my honesty has upset a few friends and colleagues. When you ask close circle of friends or colleagues to describe what is unique about you, it can be unsettling to receive their truth!

Never apologise for who you truly are

I must admit, unashamedly, that I agree with them! I have a knack of intuitively zooming in on what the client’s issue is, addressing it, and getting results quickly and I don’t apologise for it! It’s has been my life path and what made me who I am now. So, never apologise for who you are, or fear to let your true self shine. You are enough. Growth can be a slippery slope. However, with practice, you will learn to find your balance.

Are you blocked or unboxed?

So, when someone offers you a solution, the way out of the box, and you say “but…” are you blocked or unboxed? Well, we have one life, isn’t it worth getting it right? Set yourself free! If you’re ready to accept help, I’m ready to help you.