Unbox Your Best Life

Since the beginning of 2020, I have been asking myself how I can help you unbox your best life as a Life Mentor. to the world has been undergoing unprecedented circumstances with the pandemic. And, during the lockdown, we all found ourselves facing our problems and an uncertain future. Many of us started to panic and spiral down in the face of uncertainty. I asked myself how I can make my support available to my clients. How I can inspire them with a brighter future. The answer was to offer online support.

Unbox Homestay & Create A Brighter Future

In February 2020, my first video course, “Unbox Homestay & Create A Brighter Future” was launched. I offered it at a 95% discount as an incentive – and it soon sold out! Few companies bought this course to support their employees – since then, it has become the flagship course of Unbox Life Mentoring. The feedback from clients and their personal transformation, during a short period of 15 days only, was enormous. You can read their testimonials when you start that course here in the academy when the course is unlocked. It has now been renamed: “How to Unbox Your Brighter Future.”

Unbox Coffee Break with Sahar

And so, during lockdown too, Unbox Coffee Break with Sahar was born IGTV. My intention was to create an inspiring chat, a safe and supportive virtual place where clients, friends, and family could come together and support each other. Now, you have access to over 70 episodes to help overcome life problems, feel free, and live in joy.

The Unbox Minute

Moreover, with the economic decline forcing many out of their jobs and their main source of income, I started posting “The Unbox Minute videos: on-the-go-life-mentoring, to pick you up and support you moving forward towards what might feel uncertain and unknown future. You can watch The Unbox Minute in the academy as well.

Your Mantra: No More Excuses!

My personal mantra for 2020 was Unbox! On a personal level, I did and continue to do so! I believe we never stop. Find out about my Unboxing journey in Ten Tips To Unbox 2020.

With 2021 at our doorstep, I wondered what would my New Year’s mantra be. And it suddenly popped into my mind: my personal mantra for 2021 is NO MORE EXCUSES! Words have power. Especially when we say them out loud.

So, because I am passionate about supporting you and helping you in moving forward with your life; I recently took two decisions: the first is that I will offer many of my courses, webinars, meditations, and lectures for free to be available to you online so that you could develop at your own convenience without the pressure of having to attend any courses within a certain limited period of time. 

There you have it: Unbox Online Academy was born – no more excuses to carry on with a life that is below your expectations and not what you deserve! 

Unbox Online Academy

Life mentoring is available to you for free in several ways. All you need is your own commitment to follow through until you achieve your goals. This afternoon, my physiotherapist (yes, I broke my right arm while gardening; and the cast just came off) asked why I was doing all this for free. I am doing it for free because I’ve reached a stage in my life professional experience that I have so much to offer. And, nothing would give me more pleasure than to offer it to you who are keen on living a better life and reaching the fullest potential.

I have been there. And I know that the great thing about hitting rock bottom is that the only way you can go is up! I would like to show you how. The other reason I am offering all those resources to you for free is that when you feel happy and bring balance and joy into the life that you create. You also make a positive impact on the lives of others around you. It sends a ripple effect into family life as well as work-life and anyone you come in contact with. 

The Way We Do Business Has Changed

In 1990, my life changed 180° overnight. I know what it is to feel alone to look for answers and not know where to find them. That was the beginning of my own inner journey into awareness. There were not many resources at that time or individuals whom I could trust or resort to. In hindsight, I can honestly say that on that arduous journey, a handful of people had fortunately inspired me and propelled me on my way. 

And the rewards were enormous: I found my true self, my purpose, and my passion in life. After nearly 30 years on the self-awareness journey, I am at a point where I would like to pay it forward and share that experience and knowledge with you – to help understand how we CAN create a better life. 

Moreover, the way we do business has changed too. Covid19 made that clear. Not only are we willing to work and meet online, but that we still need the human connection, especially before we part with our money! To be able to trust and connect with a fellow human being. How else can you trust me with your life if you don’t know who I am, what I stand for, or how I work? In the past, my business grew through word of mouth only. Social media platforms and the internet have created new ways of “doing business”. Unbox academy, in my view, could not have been born any sooner. Also, my objective for the Unbox Academy is to help you re-connect with your life more deeply. This is because when you do, you begin to feel this connection to all aspects of your life, including nature and all sentient beings. Your awareness will grow from the inside out: from your inner world to your outer world too. 

Webinars, Courses & Workshops

Soon, my current workshops will be produced as an online course that you complete on your own and at your own pace (as soon as my arm has recovered!) Also, all related materials, such as documents, PDF’s and Tools For Life exercises will be available for you to download for free. 

If you are interested to see a new course, email me and let me know what subject would be of benefit to you. It gives me great pleasure to provide online courses that interest you.

Together, let’s make 2021 a better year!

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