I have a fantastic job and you are the reason! Let me explain why. I am Sahar Huneidi Palmer. Working as a life coach, holistic therapist, and intuitive life mentor for over 30 years, I have helped thousands of clients worldwide to unblock, release, and fulfil their potential. However, the last few weeks have been especially incredible. My work is quite satisfying because of people like you, my clients. Being a holistic life mentor is gratifying. Seeing how far my clients have come in such a short period. They are as surprised as I am by their progress.

My Four Star Clients

My four clients were based in the United Kingdom, Dubai, the Far East, and The United States of America. Each has a unique background and occupation. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do; if you are willing to work on your life and commit to doing what it takes to make progress, I can help you Unbox your potential and live your best life.

Restless in Japan

A few months ago, my client in the Far East had a lot of concerns. But had no idea where or how they came from. He agreed to my suggestion of a distant healing session to sense what the issues were and to relieve some of his physical pain. My feedback afterwards made sense to him. Furthermore, he noticed an immediate difference following the session and began to align himself with the goals he wished to achieve.

Bach Flower Remedies Custom Blend

I then suggested that my client take Bach Flower Remedies Custom Blend to help with their emotional healing. He recently had a drop, so I did another healing session from a distance and explained why he was feeling the way he was. Because this was a self-inflicted problem, rebalancing was required. He felt better as he continued to use the Bach flower remedies. It was amazing to see him change so drastically in such a short period of time. Sometimes it’s not just the wear and tear of life that wears us down; it’s also our mindset, and the way we think that can cause imbalance, dis-ease, or discord in our lives. This is when we become disoriented when barriers appear, and we feel thrown a curveball.

Bustling Dubai

My client in Dubai is a very busy executive. She was unhappy with the path her life was taking and blamed it on her job. During her discovery session, we determined the source of the problem and how to address it with Tools For Life. She began to see results after enrolling in a mentoring programme. We dealt with emotional issues by focusing on the physical body. Moreover, we concentrated on strengthening her thinking process and belief systems so that she could take appropriate action.

She achieved a 180-degree turnaround in three sessions, once every two weeks! She felt better, started rebuilding her life, and now considers her job to be fantastic. She also declined a lucrative job offer. Whereas she once felt she didn’t belong in her current company, she stated that she was going to build a new team, and everyone values and adores her!


My third client is in England, and he is a young man who was unsure what he should do with his life to fulfil his purpose. The Discovery session revealed that without realising, he had already started but was not giving his next platform the attention, it deserves. During the Unbox mentorship, I assisted him in developing a strategy for building his next platform, assigning incremental tasks each week. He sprang into action right away, completing all of the exercises and ‘homework.’ Just after completing the mentoring program, my client began selling his art successfully online. Within three sessions, he had figured out what he wanted to do with his life and started living his dream.


My American client started a new business after going through life changes. She was adamant about making things right once and for all. She bought a 6-session mentoring package. I can honestly say that she confronted the primary issue head-on from the first session, allowing her to see things in a new light and giving her the momentum to move on and address the other areas of her life. Her mentoring also involved making a house move and redesigning her office space to create more harmony and abundance.

The Unbox Journals

I ask all of my mentoring clients to begin two things immediately following their Unbox Discovery session: a BE (body-emotions) Journal and a Victory log. This is how self-awareness starts.

The BE journal is not intended to be a diary. There will be no analysis. It is simply to report to themselves the state of their physical body, such as energy levels or pain points, as well as their emotional state. It is all about becoming aware of how your body feels and what emotions you are having. Then, at the start of each session, we integrate the first level of consciousness, which is your physical body, with the second level of awareness, which is your emotions. The body stores all unprocessed emotions that have been withheld. We heal the past by addressing current areas of dis-ease.

Look out For Repeated Experiences

Remember that your repeated emotional responses shape your belief system and guide your actions. So, before you can start to repair your belief system, you must first strengthen your connection with your physical body by becoming more aware of how it feels and what memories it holds. The next logical step is to address the mindset and outdated belief system. Taking the necessary actions and comprehending the bigger picture begins to unfold naturally.

Unbox: A Holistic Approach

This is why my approach is comprehensive. It includes all aspects of the human being: body, emotions, mind, and actions. However, the first choice is yours: to rebalance and shift. We consider every aspect of your life. Dealing with a single issue provides only minor and temporary relief. Soon, the symptoms return, compelling you to re-calibrate everything, just as you wouldn’t balance your car’s front wheels while ignoring the back wheels. The approach to balancing, or harmonising, must be comprehensive – what I call The Four Dimensions of Change (BEMA).


I am completely ecstatic. I’m overjoyed to have had these four clients in the last few weeks who have made tremendous progress. They made a sincere effort, and because they are all intelligent and aware, they could figure out why they were stuck. This is because we sometimes prescribe an analysis of our condition without first investigating the underlying currents and how all four aspects of our being are interconnected.

Moving forward, unboxing your obstacle always begins in the present moment. The restaurant where you are now is a result of the past. When you unbox the present, you also unblock the past! So, don’t get caught up in the past! You can have the life you deserve regardless of your age, background, or biography.

Extensive Experience

Working with clients from all over the world has enriched my thirty years of experience. This includes my life journey. Anything treatment or impediment you can think of must fall under the category of human aspects, or Body, Emotions, Mind, and Accountability to Actions are the four dimensions of change. It is what I call the fundamental Pyramid of Awareness, and it is the key to self-empowerment.

If you are ready to Unbox with Sahar, please complete the online evaluation and send me a direct message (sahar@saharhuneidi.com). You will receive a free Discovery consultation of 40-60 minutes during which we will determine if we are a good fit and I promise we will Unbox a few of your issues! If you’re serious about making a positive change in your life, I guarantee you’ll notice a significant improvement with each session.

More importantly, as an intuitive mentor, I will show you how to do it on your own. I’ve already been ‘there.’ I know which shortcuts work and which tools are truly effective, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money and time before you see results! All I ask is that you be committed. We can make a difference in how you feel and live your life if we work together.

Working with my clients makes me happy. Because your success is my success, I believe I have an amazing and fulfilling job.

Take care of your four dimensions!

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