Have you had an Unbox Life Path Reading™ ?

Unbox With Sahar-Holistic Therapy Abu DhabiAn Unbox life path reading™ is a psychic reading that considers your life as whole. It can help you navigate your life in harmony. I start life reading by asking you for your date of birth. What I look at is your vibrational make-up. Meaning it is numerology, not astrology. The numbers of your birthdate tell me a lot about who you are, what your life is about, and what challenges you need to meet to achieve your life goals in this lifetime.

This allows me to “tune into” you, and then we might move to the cards. We can see The Big Picture at the start. Usually, the client has expectations so, they don’t listen to what I’m saying – which is why I record them! I totally forget what I tell you afterwards because the information is for you – not me.

How To Use A Life Reading

So the way to work with the reading is:
– Listen with an open mind.
– Listen to it in a week, in a month, in a few years.
– List any suggestions that come through, what I call homework
– And if you tick your list, you will gradually align, unblock, and
– Your life unfolds at the right time, and in the right way.

Your Guiding Star

A reading lays out the map to your Life Purpose. It helps you plan your journey, and take the best route. In a sense, it is your compass or guiding star. Without the compass, you might get there eventually…. But why struggle when you can enjoy the journey instead?


What influences timing is your ability to accept changes in your life; and respond appropriately. If you resist, if you don’t do the work, you will get stuck, and wait longer for the life you yearn for. It is a fact. You control the timing, and you make things happen. So, you need to understand this: you’re not going to miss anything in life because nothing is pre-written in stone. What you will hear is a probable future, based on your patterns now. Anytime you adjust the patterns, things will start happening a lot faster and will go in the right way. So if it’s a fantastic reading, but you don’t do anything, nothing will happen.

You Are In Charge

It would just be a fantastic recording reading because that is your potential. So, there’s nothing to be scared of. Well, except to accept responsibility for your own life.

Does that make sense?

Are you willing to give yourself the best life?

Take charge of your life. Order your Life Reading now. Link in bio, click on “shop”.

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