Are You Ok?

We are going through unprecedented times, seemingly in control of our lives. Are you ok? How are you coping during these times?

I have had many conversations recently when clients are unable to articulate how they feel. Many are despondent, worn down by trying to stay positive, or frozen in their tracks not knowing which way to turn.

Are You Feeling The Pinch?

What do you do to keep your vibe up? I ask you that because if you continue to feel low, soon you will give up, and it would take you a lot longer to get over yourself, and rise again.

Facing the reality of the situation we are in, many clients felt the pinch – financially. Feeling the pinch, is a normal reaction when we are going through difficult times. Money forces you to face this new reality.

How will you earn money in the future? Are you returning to your old jobs? Can your household manage on a single, or no income? How are you adapting to your new lifestyle (if we can even call that anymore)?

One of my contacts told me recently “I now feel stupid about spending a lot of money on that Rolex watch that I always wanted. It is no longer a priority”. And rightly so, having started a new family.

Has your lifestyle changed?

I think what is happening now is more than just feeling the financial pinch! The pandemic is forcing to redefine our lives and how we identify with ourselves. Suddenly, there is a change of priorities – and we are aware of it.

Changing priorities is a good thing! It means we are adapting to a Black Swan event that no one has predicted. Adapting and staying flexible is all about personal resilience. The important thing here is to keep moving, and not to get stuck grieving the past, or our past lifestyle.

What defines who you are?

More importantly, what is also happening to us is that we are re-identifying with ourselves. Does our lifestyle, when defined by money, reveal our true identity? Do work perks and luxurious lifestyle or appearances make you a more worthy person, (or dare I say it, a better human being?)

Are you worse off, and demoralised, because you can no longer travel, stay at five-star hotels, wear an expensive watch, drive a Tesla, or ear an Italian designer suit? Do you feel less confident because you can no longer keep up appearances, get that manicure one-a-week, or buy the latest designer jewellery?

If you think people with less money and less worse off; you are wrong! When a friend of mine suggested to her friends to go out to dinner as they usually do; they said “No, we no longer eat out. We entertain and eat at home”.

Are You Re-Identifying With Yourself?

Another client, whose family owns a multinational consumer company with thousands of employees world-wide told me “The situation is dire and we do not see it improving any time soon. The banks are closing on demanding their loans, the shops are closed, and there is no way of generating income to pay salaries and rent”.

The truth is, whatever category of income you statistically belong to, the pandemic has hit hard. It has had a profound impact on large business who support many employees, small business and the self-employed alike.

The pandemic has forced us to rethink how we do business, and who to “serve”. Moreover, it is redefining societal structure and our lifestyles. In many ways, it has forced us to reflect more deeply inside.

Now, exploring who we were, our core values and priorities; whether YOU are a business or an individual, is more important than ever before.

Who Are You, And Where Do You Belong Now?

Covid-19, in my view as, a life mentor who has experienced what her clients are going through; has had a multi-dimensional impact forcing business and individuals alike to explore their identity, core values and priorities.

Who do you serve? How are you impacting, or enriching the lives of your consumers, employees, or family? Does money, or profit still, dictate your everyday decisions? What I see the world moving into is a heart-centred approach.

Core values need to be meaningful, authentic, and relatable; whether you are a business or an individual. If your approach to life, or business, is not heart-centred, the odds are you will not succeed!

The Way Forward

Individuals make up a household, society and business. From my perspective, the dynamic of a heart-centred approach is the same. Things have changed during the pandemic, and we need to change with them if we are to surf the wave.

It seems that the way forward is to explore and redefine who we are, as individuals, a business leader, company, or an individual. When you are stuck in a hole, stop digging. Get in touch, I can help you restart your life.


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