The Only Resolution You Ever Need To Make

New Year Resolutions

The New Year begins with a big dollop of good intentions and a long list of resolutions. However, the daunting task of ‘getting it right this year’ soon becomes overwhelming. The prospect of failing is more real. Nevertheless, fulfilling New Year’s resolution can be easy. My secret to successfully fulfilling a resolution and achieving your goals lies in just one principle: The Power Of One. In other words, get one thing done!

The Power Of One

In my early teens, I looked forward to my favourite class, where we were asked to keep a journal of inspirational stories. We had to bring in a new story each week and share it with the rest of our classmates. One of the stories I shared made a big impact on how I think. It was the parable of a man who had a multitude of sins and came to the prophet Mohammed asking for help. The man needed advice on how to combat his weakness and redeem himself.

The prophet explained that all he had to do was just one thing: not to lie. The man left dumbfounded, believing this was such a simple, doable, answer to his complex problems. Soon afterwards, his life began to change. Whenever his actions were questioned, he started giving a truthful answer. Holding himself accountable helped him face his own reality, be aware, and encourage him to do the right thing.

My own understanding of that advice also includes not lying to oneself! In other words, becoming aware of our true motives and intentions is the first step to developing personal awareness.

Motives And Intentions: You Reap What You Sow

Remember the old adage, ‘you reap what you sow’? When we face up to the underlying, egotistical reasons for either wanting or resisting change; the boundaries that hold us back begin to dissolve. As we acknowledge our fears, motives and intentions, we start acknowledging the consequences of our actions and decisions.

Moreover, a few years ago, my friend Kim and I decided to only tackle one thing from our list of “things to do”. The reason was to overcome procrastination and feeling overwhelmed by the ever-growing list. Time was seemingly running out, and nothing was getting done. So, we decided that all we needed to do was get just one big thing done each month.

We supported each by holding ourselves accountable. We called each other regularly and update each other on our progress. Exhilarated by our success, our respective ‘things to make’ list started shrinking. Furthermore, we decided to up the ante and get one big thing done each week. Eventually, in our time, we started getting one big thing done a day. We succeeded. And, so can you!

Goals NOT Resolutions

This year, start by taking the pressure off and make a list of goals, not resolutions. And, make one simple resolution only: to get one thing done!

Here are a few examples to inspire you:

  • Achieve ONE thing
  • Start ONE new hobby.
  • Break ONE e bad habit
  • Visit ONE new country.
  • Read ONE new topic
  • Buy yourself ONE nice thing.
  • Change ONE negative belief.
  • Get off the bus ONE stop earlier, and walk the rest.
  • Drink ONE more glass of water.
  • Call ONE person – whom you’ve been meaning to call all year.
  • Do ONE green thing to help our planet….

Now, you have one goal and a whole year to achieve it. Checkout my videos page for inspiration.


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